Globalization Consulting Services

When Globalization is not your core competency our consulting services offers you access to the accumulated real world expertise of our seasoned team of global professionals with diverse industry expertise to address all phases of the process of "going global".

Our consulting service can help you establish the business processes and technical foundation to successfully roll out your globalization initiatives.

Best Practices training

  • Website and software globalization fundamentals
  • Product testing for global releases
  • Terminology management best practices
  • Content authoring for global audiences

Global readiness assessment

Z-Axis technical and linguistic professionals understand your organizational environment, globalization business goals and conduct a thorough analysis of your current digital assets and development processes.

Depending on your specific need, the output can be a focused educational/training program or a detailed roadmap for achieving world readiness from a technical, cultural and linguistic perspective.

Internationalization engineering

Z-Axis software developers and internationalization engineers have hands on experience in every facet of website and product internationalization – from concept to architecture to implementation.

Our experienced internationalization specialists can show you how to cut costs, eliminate redundant downstream steps and streamline development time – while ensuring the high quality of your final product at the same time.

Localization process improvement

Our team of senior localization professionals with long-standing production and technology experience serving a wide range of our customers operating in various industries understand what challenges our clients face, how they solve them and what best practices exist in the industry.

We understand each client will have different needs, processes and technologies. So there will not be a "one size fits all" solution. Rather than retrofitting what may work elsewhere, Z-Axis professionals work with you to analyze the specific situation and business objectives and use that information to design and propose the best approach to improve quality, reduce time-to-market, and increase cost savings across your localization initiatives and programs.