Localization Testing and QA

The testing phases of a localization program are crucial to any program's overall success. Each language can present its own set of unique challenges on a number of fronts.

Our testing solutions are tailored to ensure all possibilities are addressed and engage native speakers of the languages who are also trained quality assurance professionals to help you realize higher product acceptance rates and lower support costs, with below industry standard error rates. Our end objective is to ensure your product passes the most important test of all – your customer's satisfaction.

Our team of QA and testing professionals can act as an independent, third party, testing body to assist you from the very early localization planning stages through successful testing execution.

Z-Axis localization QA and Testing services advantage:
Multi-lingual capabilities – with coverage of all major market languages
Multi-platform capabilities – mobile devices, browsers, virtual, desktops + servers and a wide range of operating systems – Windows, Solaris, various Linux distributions, Macintosh etc.
Full spectrum of testing – covers all testing types across any application
Test planning – provides direction in terms of project scope, test approach and strategy, resource planning, subject matter expertise, and QA metrics definition
Control documents – includes a test plan, test artifacts, tracking and status reporting
Customized processes to suit each project – you decide what is most important based on your budget, resources and timing – we create a process that address the right balance of these factors.
Assets and solution accelerators – process handbook and exhaustive checklists for I18N and L10N testing
Information security – best practices for information security to ensure security of pre-release products and protection of intellectual property
Mix of onshore and offshore – we offer onshore and offshore delivery, providing access to a wide resource pool of native speakers, 24/7 global coverage and cost savings.
Client engagement – program/project managers as single point of contact for your projects, removing complexity and streamlining communication
Flexible engagement models – turnkey to managed services to staffing – to allow the necessary scalability

Our dedicated testing practice provides the following key testing services:

  • Internationalization (I18N) Testing
  • Localization (L10N) Testing
  • Linguistic Validation Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Managed Testing Service

Internationalization (I18N) Testing

Internationalization testing is executed before translation begins with the goal of identifying language independent functional issues that can be corrected once in the source language, rather than in each additional language. This testing also identifies whether the product was correctly adapted to work under different languages and regional settings (ability to display accented characters, to run on non-English operating systems, to display the correct numbering system thousands and decimal separators, etc.) and that the user interface properly handles the input/output requirements.

Z-Axis can also assist with the pseudo-translation testing on the international build to make sure that the product is ready for the localization process before any effort or money is actually spent on it.

Localization (L10N) Testing

Localization testing is executed after translation is completed to verify the localized product against the source product. This testing is done to ensure that the localized product is fully functional, linguistically accurate, and that no functional issues have been introduced during the localization process.

Localization testing involves testing of the localized product in accordance with national language standards and looking for errors from encoding, which creates garbage characters, text truncation, dynamic re-sizing issues, graphic display problems, formatting errors, text that has not been translated, and items that are not culturally acceptable in the target market along with unexpected functional issues.

Our collaboration platform allows us to work seamlessly to identify issues and work with native-speaking, in-country teams to fix and re-test the identified issue before final delivery.

Linguistic Verification Testing

The linguistic verification testing process involves a senior Z-Axis in-market and native speaking linguists reviewing the localized application within the context of the running application, local operating system and browser.

The linguistic verification testing phase includes steps such as:

  • Verification of translation accuracy.
  • Checking for typographical errors.
  • Checking for truncated or misallocated text.
  • Checking that printed documentation, online Help, messages, interface resources, and command-key sequences are consistent with each other.
  • Confirmation of adherence to system, input, and display environment standards.
  • Checking the overall usability of the UI.
  • Assessment of cultural appropriateness.
  • Checking for politically sensitive content.
  • Ensuring that market-specific information about the product or company, such as website links, contact information or local product-support phone numbers is correct for the market.

Functional Testing

Functionality testing is a business imperative for all projects and verify that the localization process has not introduced any functionality defects into the software which alters or breaks the applications functionality.

Our QA engineers will check everything, from installation, text input, menu functions, regional settings, default settings, text functions, hot keys, literally all features of the program as well as a removal procedure.

Functional testing includes identifying common issues such as:

  • Interactive text input using different input locales
  • Font independence
  • Text handling in the UI
  • Adherence to locale standards: Making sure that time, date, currency, and numeric values can be entered, interpreted, stored, and retrieved according to the rules set by the user locale
  • Dynamic usage of format separators
  • Localization-independent functionality: Hot keys, accelerators, menus, etc.

Managed Testing Services

Does it ever feel like you have too much to do, and not enough time or have little time to hire people with the exact skills required? Perhaps you could use some help managing your localization testing initiatives.

Our flexible teams of testing professionals can also be scaled up or down on demand – allowing you to mitigate the perennial issues of resource peaks and troughs experienced by all organizations.

While the exact flavor of managed services is flexible and can be customized based on your needs, delivery models range from outsourcing your localization testing efforts at the enterprise or program level to supplementing your in-house team for strategic roles like program/project management.

A collaborative approach to sourcing QA and testing services, managed testing service is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve high-quality localized products in a cost effective manner, without having to incur the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

Through our managed testing services offering, we work as an extension of your organization, and manage your testing needs while building and capturing best practices – all with lower overhead and a business model that allows us to attract and maintain the best testing talent in the industry.